The Best Kept Secrets behind Collecting Kweichow Moutai

If what a liquor embodies is a culture or a taste, then what vintage liquor carries are the accumulation of time and feelings towards the past, which have been significant to the human world.


Kweichow Moutai is not only a famous alcoholic beverage popular in China, but is also an excellent example of a typical Chinese liquor, whose production involves unique fermentation and distilling technology, and blending processes. As a superior Jiang-fragrance baijiu, Kweichow Moutai is very suitable for collecting no matter it is fresh from the distillery or vintage.


One of the features of its aroma is that it gets richer and stronger with time. Yet if you want to be one of the Moutai collectors, there are some techniques you need to know:


1/Volatilizing – it’s important to keep the liquor from volatizing, as this will not only decrease the volume of liquor inside the bottle, but also affect the richness of its aroma. And the value.


2/Storage – proper storing condition is also crucial. The optimal temperature for storing baijiu is 5 °C to 20°C. And always avoid direct light and heat while ensuring good ventilation. 


3/Jargons – knowing some jargons about Moutai is necessary since these jargons always often indicate the information hidden behind including background stories and the storing-year.


4/Aroma – compared to fresh Moutai liquor, vintage Moutai liquor smells stronger in aroma.


5/Labels – the labels on the Moutai bottles also determine the collection value.


6/Bottle Materials – special bottle materials usually indicate higher collection value.


All in all, we collect Moutai liquor not only for its value as a commodity, but also for the connotation, stories and sense of the times embedded.


Source Reference: Issue 28 of Moutai Magazine - International Edition