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Star Cocktail of the Month


Yingbin Tiki
 by Raphaela 

4cl Moutai Yingbin 

2cl Mezcal 

2cl Falernum 

A whole kiwi  

Seasonal Cocktail



 Baltic Sunshine

     by Boriss Kozlovs


A cocktail that brings us with a taste reminiscent of pralines filled with alcohol. 


4 cl Moutai Yingbin

1 Bl Coconut Syrup

1 cl Almond Syrup

1 cl Lemon Juice

2.5 cl Raspberries - woodruff tea

2.5 cl Cranberry Nectar


Create Your Own Moutai Cocktails




Pistachio Milkpunch

by Raphaela 


6 cl Moutai Yingbin

2 cl Pistachio Orgeat 

3 cl Lemon 

Clarified pistachio milk


 Moutai Sling

by Marc Wellbrock


4cl Moutai Yingbing 

2 cl Cherry Heering Brandy 

2 cl lemon juice 

0.5 cl grenadine 

4 dash Angostura 

6 cl pineapple juice     

1 cl DOM Benedictine 

6 cl soda water  


 Pandan Colada

 by Mare Wellbrock


4.4 cl Moutai Ying Bing 

4 cl pandan juice 

2 cl coconut cream 

2 cl cream 

4 cl pineapple juice 

4 cl passion fruit juice


Asian Tiki Punch

by Boriss Kozlovs


4 cl Moutai Yingbin

2 cl White Cacao Liqueur 

2 cl Coffee Liqueur

1.5 cl Lime Juice 

Filler: Ginger ale  

Ice: Cube & crushed

Unusual Dessert

by Sebastian


30ml Moutai Yingbin

20ml amaro

20ml amaretto

10ml cold brew Garnish: biscuit crusta