Moutai Cocktails

The Jiang Fragrance Moutai series, Moutai Prince and Moutai Yingbin can be made into fascinating cocktails with a unique taste. We've invited professional bartenders created some amazing cocktails with a twist adding Moutai, let's watch the video prepared by the bartenders and start mixing Moutai Cocktails at home and tag us on Instagram @moutai_germany.

Cocktail Selections

Prince Hazelberry

by Koofooko

2 cl Moutai Prince 

2 cl Frangelico 

2 cl Liqueur 43 

10 cl Cranberry Juice 



Exotic Prince


2 cl Moutai Prince 

1 cl Grenadine Syrup

4 cl Pineapple Juice

2 cl Mango Nectar

4 cl Marakaja Nectar


Moutai Sour


2 cl Moutai Prince 

2 cl Elderflower Syrup

½ teaspoon Brown Sugar

1 piece Egg White

Half shot of Fresh Lemon Juice

2 cl Gordon's London Dry Gin

Lemon Peel



Moutai Colada


2 cl Moutai Prince 

1 cl Coconut Syrup 

10 cl Pineapple Juice 

1 piece Egg White 

1 dash Lemon Juice 

Mint and Lemon Twist