Moutai Cocktails

The Jiang Fragrance Moutai series, Moutai Prince and Moutai Yingbin can be made into fascinating cocktails with a unique taste. We've invited professional bartenders created some amazing cocktails with a twist adding Moutai, let's watch the video prepared by the bartenders and start mixing Moutai Cocktails at home and tag us on Instagram @moutai_germany.

Cocktail Selections

Pistachio Milkpunch

by Raphaela

6cl Moutai Yingbin

2cl Pistachio Orgeat 

3cl Lemon 

Clarified pistachio milk

Unusual Dessert

by Sebastian

30ml Moutai Yingbin

20ml amaro

20ml amaretto

10ml cold brew

Garnish: biscuit crusta 

Between Heaven

by Boriss Kozlovs

4.5cl Moutai Yingbin

3cl Lavender Syrup

2cl Lime Juice

Egg White or Aquafaba

Ice cubes

4.5cl Tonic Water