Moutai Cocktails

The Jiang Fragrance Moutai series, Moutai Prince and Moutai Chun can be made into fascinating cocktails with a unique taste. We've invited professional bartenders created some amazing cocktails with a twist adding Moutai, let's watch the video prepared by the bartenders and start mixing Moutai Cocktails at home and tag us on Instagram @moutai_germany.

Cocktail Selections

Prince's Passion

by Kofookoo

Moutai Prince 1cl

Lime Syrup 1cl

Milk Lemongrass Juice 2cl

Ginger Watermelon Juice 2cl

Passion Fruit Juice 4cl

Moutai Sparkle

by Kofookoo

Moutai Prince 1cl

Elderflower Syrup 1cl

Apple Juice 4cl

Cranberry Juice 4cl

Soda 1cl

Prosecco 1cl

Moutai Prince Cocktail

by Alberto Costa

Moutai Prince 1cl

Sweet kiss Caramel Liquer 1.5cl

Absolut Vodka 4cl

1 Lime

2 bar spoons of white cane sugar

Passion Fruit Juice 4cl

Moutai Blush

by Moutai Germany

Moutai Prince 2cl 

Guava Juice 10cl

Lime Juice 1cl