Moutai stirs up the spirits in SZENE HAMBURG GENUSS-MICHEL 2022 

It is our pleasure to sponsor Genuss Michel 2022, which paid tribute to Hamburg's best restaurants and to celebrate the 35th edition of Szene Hamburg Genuss-Guides.


The award ceremony was held on 6 July 2022 at the 23rd floor of the Emporio, which is one of the highest event venues with a spectacular view of the city. Winners of the Award were revealed off the running restaurants from SZENE HAMBURG ESSEN+TRINKEN 2022/23, over 500 high-calibre guests from the industry attended. A total of 19 awards were presented to the outstanding restaurants in town, including one of our channel partners Yu Garden, which was awarded the Best Chinese Restaurant. A big congratulation to Yu Garden!


For this special occasion, we’ve prepared Moutai Flying Fairy, Moutai Prince, and a refreshing Moutai Ginger cocktail for everyone to party on after the award ceremony. Awardees and guests had a chance to sample the spirits from China and be told the stories about the legends of Moutai. Everyone had so much fun, it was a night to remember! We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all winners for their splendid achievement!


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