A Glimpse of Moutai MEI at 50 Jahre SZENE HAMBURG  

Moutai proudly takes the spotlight at Fabrik Hamburg as part of the historic celebration of 50 Jahre SZENE HAMBURG. The event took place on October 30th which provided an exceptional opportunity for Moutai to raise brand awareness among a variety of prominent guests and industry specialists of over 1,000 people!    


The star-studded guests include key figures from the worlds of art, culture, and media such as Tanya Kumst and Mathias Forkel, Managing Directors of SZENE HAMBURG, Dr. Carsten Brosda, Senator of Culture and Media, as well as other prominent figures of Hamburg.  


The event started with a welcoming ceremony, followed by performances and celebrations. The atomsphere was ecstatic, guests enjoyed the music of NIK, with culinary delights from the Michelin-starred restaurant, The Dining Room. The spirit of the evening was elevated by the presence of Moutai. The celebration further unfolded with the performances by Chazz Luck, the winner of Krach Getöse music award, and the singer-song writer Pohlmann. The night reached its climax with the talented DJ Frank Eichstädt, featuring chart-topping hits from the past five decades. The ceremony left an indelible mark on the memories of all attendees.  


This grand event exemplified the enduring impact and significance of SZENE HAMBURG within Hamburg's cultural landscape. Moutai is excited to take part in shaping this extraordinary celebration. At the very core of Moutai MEI's concept lies the cultivation of connections through shared cultural heritage, goodness and aesthetics. As Senator Dr. Carsten Brosda said in his opening speech, "Kultur gut, SZENE HAMBURG gut, Glück auf" (Good Culture, Good SZENE, and Good Omen).  


Moutai has the vision of everyone moving toward a life of MEI, or simply put a life of aesthetic and beauty! Stay tuned to our website and social media platforms for upcoming cultural events!