Sharing the Moutai MEI at Bar Convent Berlin 2023

Take on the journey of beauty and goodness with Moutai at the Bar Convent Berlin 2023. With a remarkable attendance of over 12,500 visitors and the vibrant presence of over 500 exhibitors, this event left an indelible mark on the spirits industry year after year!


At the heart of Moutai's presence this year at the BCB 2023 is the embodiment of the Moutai MEI concept, which encompasses harmony, beauty, and goodness. Our flagship products, Moutai Flying Fairy, alongside with other lines including Moutai Prince Moutai Chun, and special editions, further exemplify the essence of MEI, displaying the harmonious fusion of traditions, craftsmanship, and innovations. The range of Moutai products showcased provide a glimpse of the huge line up that Moutai has to offer to her customers.


This year at the show we have a special highlight of our remarkable collaboration with Low & No Bar in which has a prominently situated bar area in Hall 11, where Moutai unveiled a dazzling array of new cocktails created by Cambridge bar’s incredibly talented bartenders. The refreshing cocktails truly embraced the special aroma and flavours of Moutai, demonstrating seamless fusion of Chinese spirits and the artistry of mixology in the west. These cocktails delighted the senses and sparked arrays of excitements among the audiences.


We take great pride in recounting Moutai's remarkable presence at BCB, as it serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the embodiment of beauty. Together, we invite you to eagerly anticipate our forthcoming events, where we will continue to deliver Moutai MEI experiences that harmoniously blends of aroma, flavours, cultures, and mixology together!