Toast to Excellence! Moutai Germany Joins the Genuss Michel 2023  

The prestigious Genuss Michel 2023, organized by SZENE Hamburg, was a grand success with Moutai Germany's participation adding an extra sparkle to the occasion. On May 22, 2023, the event took place at EMPORIO Hamburg, where 500 distinguished guests representing the top restaurants and bars in the city were in attendance.  


Moutai Germany's signature products, Moutai Flying Fairy and Moutai Prince, as well as the special Moutai cocktails, were showcased by guests, leaving them surprised and impressed by the exceptional taste. The presence of Moutai truly added an extra touch of prestige to the occasion, making it even more special of a night to remember. 


Moutai Germany congratulates all the award winners and is delighted to be part of this remarkable event. The occasion provided Moutai Germany an excellent opportunity to introduce our premium products to renowned restaurateurs and bartenders.  



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