Moutai Germany Taste The Legend at ProWein 2023 

Attracts New Fans and Trade Interest in Signature Products 

Moutai Germany campaign – Taste The Legend, at ProWein 2023 was a resounding success, with the brand winning over many new fans and generating great interest in its signature products, including the Moutai Flying Fairy and Moutai Prince. The event, which had a total of 6,000 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors, provided the perfect platform for us to showcase our premium spirits to a global audience. Visitors were given the opportunity to sample Moutai's unique and complex flavour profiles, and learn more about the brand's rich culture, history, and production methods. 


The campaign at the exhibition was a hive of activity throughout the event, with visitors eager to try the brand's signature products. The Moutai Flying Fairy, in particular, proved to be a hit with trade professionals and enthusiasts alike, thanks to its smooth taste and long-lasting finish. The Moutai Prince, a premium blend of aged spirits, was another crowd favorite, with many visitors noting its complex flavour profile and exquisite aroma. What’s more? Visitors were treated to an array of Moutai cocktails. We blended the premium Moutai spirits with a range of fresh ingredients to create savory cocktails that delighted the taste buds of the visitors. The cocktails were a perfect way to showcase the versatility of Moutai and added to the excitement of the event. 


The success at ProWein 2023 helps to establish the brand as a global premium spirit. With its unique and multifacet flavour profiles, Moutai is sure to continue winning over new fans and enthusiasts for years to come.  


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