Moutai MEI Illuminates at Shanghai Night in Hamburg 

On November 23rd, Moutai was proud to participate in the "Shanghai Night" cultural event organized by Hamburger-China-Gesellschaft at the Chinesisches Teehaus in Hamburg's historical Yu Garden.


The evening brought together over 150 distinguished guests including representatives of Shanghai and Hamburg. The esteemed attendees were treated to a traditional Hanfu fashion show, lively DJ performances and authentic Chinese snacks including roasted sweet potatoes, sugar-glazed chestnuts, and honeyed gourds.


HCG Chairperson Mr. Quiyi Chen expressed gratitude to Moutai for the participation in the event. Through cultural programs showcasing Shanghai and Hamburg's vibrant heritage, the evening reinforced the friendship between the sister cities which aligns with the Moutai MEI initiatives.


By illuminating MEI's mission of beauty and goodness at Shanghai Night, Moutai took part in strengthening bonds between guests, and uplifting the harmonious atmosphere that exemplified MEI's role in embracing traditions, soothing out differences. 


Moutai remains committed to supporting meaningful cross-cultural events that bring people together and we look forward to more opportunities to spread goodwill and the spirit of MEI around the world!