Toast to the New Year of Dragon with HCG 

As the most important festival in China, Chinese New Year is celebrated with a dinner event hosted by the Hamburger China-Gesellschaft (HCG) at Nihao restaurant, to usher in good fortune and prosperity. The event brought together esteemed guests, including Mr. CHEN Qiuyi, President of HCG, Dr. Peter Tschentscher, Meixia Liang, Consul of the Economic and Commercial Section of the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China, to come together and celebrate China's rich heritage.   


The night came alive with spectacular performances of traditional Chinese New Year songs played on the erhu, violin, and piano. The guests were entranced by the melodic tunes filled with good omens, which will surely spread abundant luck and happiness to everyone. The highlight of the evening was the sumptuous Chinese New Year dinner, which, of course, was accompanied by the all-time favourite baijiu drinks - Moutai. Dishes were also served with good omens, for example, the steamed fish, which symbolises surplus year after year, as the word “fish” in Chinese is a homophone of the word “surplus”. From the performances to the traditional Chinese dishes, everything truly embodied the essence of a classy Chinese New Year celebration.   


Moutai also represents unity, friendships, and prosperity. This is the reason why it is such a staple at celebration events such as this one! Let’s raise our glass of Moutai to a prosperous future, with good luck, good fortune, and goodwill!