Heidelberg Spring Festival Gala: A Magical Night of Legends and Moutai MEI

The Heidelberg Castle was transformed into an enchanting stage for the Heidelberg Spring Festival Gala. From the moment of arrival, the scene is set for the Chinese New Year celebration, in the welcoming of year of the Dragon, the once majestic cellar of the castle has now become a marvellous display of a huge variety of Chinese traditional arts workshops and exhibitions. To satisfy your sweet tooth, you could create your own colourful Tanghulu, a traditional Chinese sweet treat. For more fun and artistic expressions, you could try a Chinese Sugar Painting with vivid figures such as the dragon and other Chinese characters appearing in front of your eyes using simple sugar syrups. How about learning to write a Chinese fortune character with Chinese calligraphy? The rich display of Chinese art and heritage would not be complete without the Chinese traditional baijiu, and the Moutai stand set the perfect mood for the Chinese New Year with great blessings from this legendary spirit!


Mr. Huang Yiyang, Chinese Consulate-General in Frankfurt, welcomed everyone with an inspiring opening speech, spreading goodwill for a good start and good fortune for the New Year. The evening was followed by a series of cultural performances, including folk dance, Sino-German music, Kung Fu, and Peking Opera, which was a demonstration of the variety of Chinese traditional arts and combined performances meeting the West. And of course, the highlight of the night was that many were looking forward to being in the lucky draw, in which the Moutai Flying Fairy created a lot of buzz and excitement for the audience. This would be the perfect conclusion to such a great event, which all in all gives exhilarating and heartening anticipations for the new year of the Dragon!


The spirit of MEI living generated by this event will continue to resonate long after its conclusion. As we embrace the spirit of the Spring Festival, we extend our warmest wishes for good luck, good fortune, and prosperity to you all!