Unveiling the Legend at ProWein 2024 

In celebration of its 30th anniversary ProWein 2024, has proved to be a remarkable success, attracting an impressive count of over 47,000 registered trade visitors from 135 countries. Despite the challenges posed by a rail strike on the final day, ProWein still managed to garner top ratings from visitors for the showcase varieties and fostering positive and vibrant collaboration atmosphere within the exhibition halls. 



Among the notable exhibitors, Moutai stood out by presenting its exceptional range of Baijiu products, successfully captivated palates of trade visitors and enthusiasts alike. It was truly delightful to witness the ever-growing popularity of Moutai worldwide, with an increasing number of Chinese liquor lovers discovering and appreciating its exquisite tastes and flavours. Moutai’s unwavering commitment to the "MEI spirit, MEI food, and MEI of living" philosophy was vividly demonstrated to the audience with its rich heritage, steadfast dedication to quality, and an unyielding spirit of innovation, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage of premium spirits.