Moutai - The Year of the Pig 

There is a saying “put old liquor in new bottles” means lack of creativity, but Moutai is the other way round. Specially the zodiac series which put arts and liquor in the same bottle. It gives you a new idea of Moutai.


The combination of liquor and art shows the beauty of the east, expresses New Year's blessings, and pays tribute to the last years. To express our blessings for the Chinese New Year, Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. launched Moutai for the Year of the Pig.


Moutai - the Year of the Pig was officially unveiled on December 21, 2018, that brings a lot of joy to Moutai lovers. The year of the pig corresponds to the “water” attribute in the five elements from Chinese culture. The pig is also named "black gold”. Therefore, the Moutai Year of the Pig uses "elegant black" as the colour of its bottle to highlight its elegance, extreme and noble.


"The Arrival of Five Blessings" is a traditional Chinese ink painting style which is printed on the back label of the bottle. Its specially created by Mr. ShiGuoliang, a master of contemporary realism Chinese painting and a first- class national painter.


Regarding “The Arrival of Five Blessings” which means long-life, rich, good health, kindliness, and peaceful death. In the painting, five pigs are playing in the bamboo forest purely. We believe the five pigs represent those five blessings correspondingly.


In addition to artistic connotations, Moutai for the Year of the Pig also has a unique cultural connotation. The twelve zodiac signs originated from traditional Chinese culture, which has a history of thousands of years in China and is deeply rooted in people's hearts. The combination of zodiac culture and collectables is the inheritance of zodiac culture. Moreover, it also enriches the diversity of collectables, bringing a high artistic taste and collection value to Moutai.


Source Reference: Issue 23 of Moutai Magazine - International Edition