Savoring Fine Spirit with Your Heart

Nowadays, neither national diplomatic activities nor ordinary personal meeting can be separated from dining together. As an old Chinese proverb “excellent wine and delicious food” goes, vintage liquor surely always serves a leading role in every meal and in all over the world.


The advance of human history is like a driven wheel continuously moving forward while the liquor is like the engine oil, lubricating the machine and facilitation the development from time to time. “Only Du Kang can solve all the worries” from Cao Cao’s “A Short Song Balled” granted liquor a new meaning, and “Du Kang” became a word representing “fine spirit”. The words “Du Kang” came from the names of three ancient liquor loving legends that was few thousand years from us, indicating that Chinese has a long liquor drinking history. Since then, Chinese liquor culture become an important part in Chinese cuisine.  


Apart from the inheritance of liquor culture, Chinese people also believe that drinking properly is good for health. To be specific, alcohol has the function of artery activation, which makes people believe that liquor can invigorate the circulation of blood. Many centenarians overseas also mention about the habit of proper liquor drinking daily when sharing their secret if a long life. Spiritually, liquor can liven things up. Besides some Chinese ancient poets and other artists including Mozart, Beethoven also created countless masterpieces thanks to the wine. Undoubtedly, alcohol can lift spirits and improve imagination, even of ordinary people. Liquor can be an angel or turn us to be a devil if lose control, just like another an old Chinese line “drink more and you will worry more”. 


China has a long and rich history, we especially think highly of the cultivation of “etiquette” which has been embed in our life, even influencing our liquor culture. Different people have different focuses when drinking. The west concentrates more on its ingredients and mouthfeel while the east focus more on the mood or metal state the liquor brings out. Dishes that go with liquor and wine from all over the country each has its own characteristics, leaving a bright touch to Chinese cuisine and culture. Fine liquor and wine can take us to heaven, bring us blissful feeling, but can also be a poison if we lose control. Can you imagine what global culture would be like without fine liquor?  


“Liquor” was one of the most vital elements in Chinese classical poetry. The poets used liquor to express their feelings. Please enjoy. 


“Ask the Moon With a Cup of Liquor in Hand” by Li Bai 

“Good Things are Around the Corner” by Xin Qiji 

Source Reference: Issue 23 of Moutai Magazine - International Edition