The Aroma of Fine Liquor Gets Better with Time

If what liquor embodies is a culture or a taste, then what vintage liquor carries are the accumulation of time and feelings towards the past, which have been significant to the human world. Today, more people see the value given the liquor by time and realize the purpose and significance of collecting liquor, just like some whisky (i.e. Macallan, Nikka Whisky, Hibiki), cognac or wine.



As a superior Jiang-fragrance baijiu, Kweichow Moutai is very suitable for collecting no matter it is fresh from the distillery or vintage. One of the features of its aroma is that it gets richer and stronger with time. It is widely known that compared to fresh Moutai liquor, vintage Moutai liquor smells stronger in aroma, tastes richer in flavor and mellower in mouth-feel, but how to define “new Moutai” and vintage Moutai”? Usually, “new Moutai refers to the liquor whose manufacture date is within 3 years from the current date while “vintage Moutai” is the liquor whose manufacture date is over 10 years from the current date. As for the liquor whose manufacture date is between 3 to 10 years, it is called “sub-new liquor”.

Speaking of Kweichow Moutai, many people might immediately think of “Feitien Moutai (Moutai Flying Fairy)” with a red ribbon, red cap and white glass bottle with a red label. Actually, “Moutai Flying Fairy” is not the only product line of Kweichow Moutai that worth being collecting. For example, Commemorative Moutai” refers to Moutai liquor that is specially produces to celebrate or commemorate certain big events or people, the bottle design of each Commemorative Liquor is inspired by the local culture and the event time, unique and aesthetic. “Moutai Chinese Zodiac Animal Liquor” is a collection launched every year based on each year’s corresponding Chinese zodiac animal, like “Moutai for the Year of the Rat”, “Moutai for the Year of the Pig”. Every year, renowned masters of traditional Chinese paintings will be invited to design the back label of the bottle based on interesting background stories about the specific zodiac animal, bringing out good blessings. “Moutai Aged Liquor” is produced with vintage Moutai Liquor as basic liquor and blended in accordance with the standard of 15-year-old liquor, 30-year-old liquor, 50-year-old liquor and 80-year-old liquor so people are able to taste the mellowness of the aged liquor.


“When a thing is rare, it becomes precious.” Special bottle materials usually indicate higher collection value as well. From the commemorative significance, cultural meaning, aesthetics to the bottle materials and aged aroma, different lines of Kweichow Moutai liquor have their own profundity and reserve value. As Salvador Dali once said, “the connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes of its secrets”, we collect Moutai not only for its value as a commodity, but also for the connotation, stories and sense of the times embedded.


Source Reference: Issue 28 of Moutai Magazine - International Edition