The Coming Age of Cocktails for Take-out

Nowadays, neither national diplomatic activities nor ordinary personal meeting can be separated from dining together. As an old Chinese proverb “excellent wine and delicious food” goes, vintage liquor surely always serves a leading role in every meal and in all over the world. Right now, cocktails for take-out make it possible to duplicate the bar drinking experience at home: you get to make yourself a cocktail in a fancy cocktail glass with the pre-mixed liquor and other ingredients delivered to you, creating a ceremonial drinking experience. The emergence of cocktails for take-out opens more possibilities for liquor lovers. 


Cocktails, originally a kind of flavored beverage offered in particular occasions such as bars or restaurants, can add a sense of atmosphere in special circumstances. Because of its variability of flavors, people just cannot quit their love for this kind of drink; instead, they are willing to put forth new ideas and explore more surprising combination of flavours. Apart from its own flexibility, the charming bartenders standing behind the bar counter give more meaning to a simple glass of cocktail. Upon the ordering of a glass, the performance art about cocktails is being staged. A skilled bartender is the soul of the cocktail, whose experience-based judgements towards different flavours of ingredients and aesthetic insights when designing a glass of enjoyable cocktail will all be. 

Moutai have worked with different bartenders to bring you many stunning creations, which Moutai Cocktails you would like to take-out and toast to your families and friends at home?


Source Reference: Issue 28 of Moutai Magazine - International Edition