What Do You Eat When Drinking Moutai?

It is known that alcohol should go with dishes, which also fits food, nutrition and health science. Alcohol will affect the process of metabolism and consume protein in the body. So eating protein-rich foods like preserved eggs, groundnuts, chicken, duck, fish and pork can make up the loss.


Chinese liquor has gone through four important developments: distilled liquor without any spice, light fragrance, strong fragrance, and Jiang fragrance, which is represented by Moutai liquor. Then, what dishes should go with Moutai?

No. 1 – Guizhou Sour Soup Fish

The easiest wat is to find the most famous dish in Guizhou, where Moutai comes from, Guizhou people like sour and spicy food, and their most famous dish is sour soup fish. The fish soup is made of native wild tomato, pepper and Chinese herbs, with the fragrant and fresh flavour of fish and ginger; it’s an amazing experience to eat the fish with Moutai. At the same time, the fish contains rich nutrition, which matched the healthy idea that Moutai advocates.


Also, the sour soup is helpful to relieve the effects of alcohol on liver, So when drinking liquors with high alcohol content, people can eat some dishes added with vinegar, which cannot satisfy our taste bud, but also protect the body against alcohol’s harm.

No. 2 – Chaozhou Cold Fish

“Daleng” is a special cooking method in Chaozhou; the fish will be cold-stored after being steamed. It’s also a good choice for Guizhou liquor. The light flavour of the fish will not affect the fragrance of Moutai.

No. 3 – Smoked Salmon

Some foreign foods are also good choice for Moutai, like smoked salmon, sprinkled with little salt, vanilla, or lemon juice. It’s an integration of Chinese and Western foods, but also a perfect match when you want to drink Jiang-fragrance liquor. 


Source Reference: Issue 12 of Moutai Magazine - International Edition