Free Exclusive Moutai Liquor Set at Alsterhaus & KaDeWe in December 2021

Moutai is always perfect for gifting or celebration especially during the festive season. Therefore we had partnered with Alsterhaus and KaDeWe to compliment the customers a free Moutai Liquor Set upon purchasing a bottle of Moutai Flying Fairy in December 2021!


The exclusive Moutai Liquor Set glazed with the Royal yellow finish demonstrating its aristocratic feature; and its relief and decal China surface with diversity of art forms, enhances inner depth in liquor and cultural connotation. The liquor set is perfect for drinking Moutai and also for collection.


As a distilled spirit, its strong scent and potent alcohol level is best savoured in small volume at a time. Small ceramic cups will be a good choice to use because the substances in the liquor can be better combined with substances in the ceramic cup that would sublimate the taste of Moutai. Did you get your set as well?