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A Path of Discovery to Moutai at Weinquelle Lühmann

In order to allow more guests to discover the magic of Moutai, another tasting was deviced on 17 May. As visitors stepped through the door of Weinquelle Lühmann, a specialist store and online shop for fine wines, spirits, and whisky, they were instantly enticed by the mythical veil of Moutai... read more

Tasting Event at Alsterhaus 

Get ready for another opportunity to experience the legendary baijiu at the two days Moutai Tasting Event in April at the prestigious Alsterhaus. For those of you who missed out our last tasting session, don’t forget to mark your calendar this time! The event promises to offer a unique taste of China through the distinctive Jiang-flavour... read more

Easter Raffle: Enter to Win an All-You-Can-Eat Feast for Two Plus a Bottle of Moutai 

What better way to make Easter more egg-citing than feasting on an all-you-can-eat meal with refreshing Moutai cocktails among friends – a true spirit of MEI living! Join our Easter Raffle with Foodguide and Kofookoo to add an uplift your Easter celebrations! During the period from March 23rd to 29th... read more

Moutai spreading the Holiday Spirit @hamburgfoodguide 

Moutai is delighted to take part in the Advert Calendar raffle @hamburgfoodguide this year, giving the lucky winner a special culinary experience to remember at the premium Chinese restaurant at NIHAO in Hamburg... read more

Tasting Event at Alsterhaus 

On November 24-25, 2023, Moutai hosted a tasting event that saw many guests experience and appreciate the depth and heritage of Moutai at Alsterhaus. It endures the spirit of bringing people together through friendship and appreciation of goodness in life... read more

Indulge a Sensory Journey of Moutai at Pianobar, Hamburg Marriott Hotel 

In celebration of World Baijiu Day 2023, master of mixology Mr. Aberto Costa at Pianobar, Hamburg Marriot Hotel, will be creating refreshing Moutai cocktails at the venue.  These will certainly be of exceptional standard and is not to be missed by baijiu fans... read more

Celebrate World Baijiu Day 2023 with Moutai at Kofookoo 

In celebration of the World Baijiu Day this year on August 9th, Moutai Germany and Kofookoo have collaborated to create a special cocktail menu, featuring the unique flavours of baijiu. From August 1st to 31st, Kofookoo will be offering a range of new cocktail creations that showcase the fusion of traditional baijiu tastes with modern mixologies... read more

Toast to World Baijiu Day with Moutai at Spirituosen Wolf 

Embark on a Magical Journey with Moutai at Spirituosen Wolf! 

Start your journey to explore the enchanting realm of Baijiu with Moutai this World Baijiu Day!  During World Baijiu Day this year, we are thrilled to offer customers the chance to receive a beautiful ceramic Chinese cup set, complete with decanter and four baijiu shot cups!  From 4th of August to 14th of August... read more

Toast to Excellence! Moutai Germany Joins the Genuss Michel 2023  

The prestigious Genuss Michel 2023, organized by SZENE Hamburg, was a grand success with Moutai Germany's participation adding an extra sparkle to the occasion. On May 22, 2023, the event took place at EMPORIO Hamburg, where 500 distinguished guests representing the top restaurants and bars in the city were in attendance... read more

Enter the @hamburgfoodguide Raffle and Win a Moutai Cocktail Experience at Kofookoo!

If you are a Moutai enthusiast looking for a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure, this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss... read more

Shop Display and Tasting Event at Alsterhaus: Discover the World of Moutai 

MOUTAI TASTING: March Tasting Event at Weinquelle Luhmann

We hold regular tasting events with our channels, stay tuned on our website and social media for more updates! more

Starts the New Year with Moutai! 

Find Moutai In Hannover this festive season 

Moutai is a premium liquor used in all kinds of celebrations for good reasons. Not only does it have a distinct taste of the traditional Jiang Flavour, it has a rich inheritance with legendary stories and histories behind the brand, which surely will make any festive gatherings with friends and families more

Get into the Christmas spirits! Moutai Tasting at Alsterhaus 

It’s that time of the year again! The trees are up, the lights are on, and now it's the time to come up with special gifts for your beloved family and friends! Moutai is truly something special, visit us and select your Moutai in our tasting event at Alsterhaus from 25 to 26 November, 2022! more

The Feasting Menu Continues at Half The Sky 

Continuing the success with the NI HAO Moutai menu, Half The Sky also features Moutai Drunken Chicken and Moutai Cocktails in their special menu, which are two of the Chinese classics with innovative more

Discover more about Chinese Baijiu - Moutai Tasting at Spirituosen Wolf 

Moutai Germany has hosted a tasting event at Spirituosen Wolf on August 6, 2022, as a warmup event for World Baijiu Day. This event further introduced customers to experience and learn about Moutai Baijiu. A lot of the customers were instantly attracted to the enchanting aroma after the Moutai bottle was more

An Upscale Twist with Moutai: Seasonal Special Menu at Ni Hao 

Did you celebrate the World Baijiu Day with us? Ni Hao has presented the seasonal special menu from July 29 to August 11 for this special occasion. The Moutai special menu includes Moutai Drunken Chicken, an upscale twist of the famous Chinese savoury, which is perfectly marinated in Moutai Prince. Diners can taste the spirit of a traditional drunken chicken, but with a brand-new more

Chinese Seafood Pairs Perfectly with Moutai! 

Joining hands with one of the best seafood restaurants in town, Moutai collaborated with Yin Seafood to offer an exquisite dining set from 27 May 2022 to 9 Jun 2022. The set featured the restaurant’s signature seafood dishes coupled with Moutai liquor in order to simulate the best pairing more

Discover The Way Of Chinese Baijiu at Alsterhaus in 2022

Moutai is a Chinese legendary baijiu born from China's rich heritage since the Qing dynasty. It is a luxury spirit perfected for generations of trendsetters and tastemakers to come. Produced with quality sorghum, organic wheat, and water unique to Moutai Town of China's Guizhou Province, where it is more

2022 Easter Special at Kofookoo Sushi and Grill

A party with Moutai can add much enjoyment!


During the easter week, Kofookoo has launched a special All you can Enjoy offer including 2 Moutai Shot and 2 refreshing Moutai cocktails to pamper your palate. The enduring aftertaste of Moutai acts as an appetite stimulant that is perfect for pairing with sushi more

Weinquelle Lühmann Giveaway in 2022 Chinese New Year 

To celebrate the Year of the Tiger, we have partnered with Weinquelle Lühmann to give everyone a chance to win a bottle of Moutai Prince! Weinquelle Lü more

2021 Christmas Promotion at Whiskyzone

Different glassware has evolved to bring out the best drinking experience for different type of drinks. The tulip shaped Moutai shot glass enable to concentrate the aroma and allow you to savour the taste of Moutai in just the right more

Free Exclusive Moutai Liquor Set at Alsterhaus & KaDeWe in 2021

Moutai is always perfect for gifting or celebration especially during the festive season. Therefore we had partnered with Alsterhaus and KaDeWe to compliment the customers a free Moutai Liquor Set upon purchasing a bottle of Moutai Flying more

Holiday Spirit Lifters: New Tastes for December 2021

In December 2021, we have cooperated with Kofookoo Sushi & Grill and Kofookoo Yam’cha preparing you two new Moutai cocktails to warm you up during the holiday more

Moutai Tasting at Alsterhaus 2021

The exotic taste from China was available for tasting at Alsterhaus! Guest had a chance to taste Moutai Flying Fairy, Moutai Prince and Moutai Yingbin, savoured the unique characteristic and more

Moutai Mid- Autumn Cocktails Menu at Ni Hao Restaurant 2021

To celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, this Moutai Cocktail Menu is a special addition to Ni Hao Restaurant after great more

Moutai Special Menu at Acclaimed Selected Restaurants 2021

Moutai Germany have partnered up with renowned restaurants to bring you amazing Moutai cocktails that pairs great with more

Create Your Next Exotic Cocktail @ Szene Hamburg 2020

Moutai Drinks Collection at MaiGlückchen 2020

Get a Chance to Win Moutai Feast at Kofookoo 2020

Mid-Autumn Special Cocktail Menu at Kofookoo 2020

Moutai Tasting at Alsterhaus 2020

Moutai Cocktails Night at The Therapy Bar 2019

Elbe Boutique Tasting Event 2019

Yin Seafood Tasting Event 2019