Channel Promotions

Moutai Tasting at Alsterhaus 2021

The exotic taste from China was available for tasting at Alsterhaus! Guest had a chance to taste Moutai Flying Fairy, Moutai Prince and Moutai Yingbin, savoured the unique characteristic and taste.... read more

Moutai Mid- Autumn Cocktails Menu at Ni Hao Restaurant 2021

To celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, this Moutai Cocktail Menu is a special addition to Ni Hao Resaurant after great feedbacks... read more

Moutai Special Menu at Acclaimed Selected Restaurants 2021

Moutai Germany have partnered up with renowned restaurants to bring you amazing Moutai cocktails that pairs great with foods... read more

Create Your Next Exotic Cocktail @ Szene Hamburg 2020

Moutai Drinks Collection at MaiGlückchen 2020

Get a Chance to Win Moutai Feast at Kofookoo 2020

Mid-Autumn Special Cocktail Menu at Kofookoo 2020

Moutai Tasting at Alsterhaus 2020

Moutai Cocktails Night at The Therapy Bar 2019

Elbe Boutique Tasting Event 2019

Yin Seafood Tasting Event 2019

Dim Sum Haus CNY Event 2019

Park Hyatt Hotel Moutai Cocktail Event 2019

Moutai Tasting at Dim Sum Haus 2018

Moutai Night at Red Chamber 2017

Moutai Night at Ni Hao Restaurant 2017

Moutai Night at Dim Sum Haus 2017

Moutai Cocktails Tasting at Park Hyatt Hotel 2017

Moutai Dinner at Ni Hao Restaurant 2016

Moutai Cocktail Night at Red Chamber 2016