Presenting Baijiu Culture at China Night Reception Dinner 2022

HCG has always been promoting the cultural exchange between Germany and China, one of the most popular events amongst all would be the China Night event.  This year, Moutai Germany is proud to sponsor the China Night Reception Dinner on 30 September, 2022, at which the mystics of the legendary Moutai has fully displayed through the integration of delicious cocktails, innovative Chinese dishes, and traditional toasting!  


Over one hundred guests showed up at the event in formal dress code. This year we are very happy to have Consulate in Hamburg, other consulate members, local Chinese investors, partners and friend, and of course members of HCG.    


It was a fine-dine evening packed with entertainment and Chinese delicacies - Moutai Drunken Chicken, Stir-fried Chinese Cabbage and Mushrooms with Moutai, together with the pairing of our ever so popular Moutai Flying Fairy, as well as Moutai cocktails that embrace both the aroma of Moutai and the citrus of fruit companions. Moutai Crème Brûlée was a delicate surprise to top the perfect luxurious Moutai filling dining experience!    


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