Cultural Events

Moutai MEI Illuminates at Shanghai Night in Hamburg 

On November 23rd, Moutai was proud to participate in the "Shanghai Night" cultural event organized by Hamburger-China-Gesellschaft at the Chinesisches Teehaus in Hamburg's historical Yu Garden... read more

A Glimpse of Moutai MEI at 50 Jahre SZENE HAMBURG

Moutai proudly takes the spotlight at Fabrik Hamburg as part of the historic celebration of 50 Jahre SZENE HAMBURG. The event took place on October 30th which provided an exceptional opportunity for Moutai to raise brand awareness among a variety of prominent guests and industry specialists of over 1,000 people... read more

Curtains Up! Moutai featured at FILMFEST HAMBURG Opening Party 

The curtains lifted on September 28th, 2023, as FILMFEST HAMBURG unfolded in all its grandeur. The opening ceremony took place at the Grand Elysee Hotel, with top film directors and renowned actors gracing the occasion including the director of the opening film... read more

Enjoy an artistic adventure with at Pashmin Art Gallery with Moutai

Art comes in different forms, appreciating an elegant spirit like Moutai is really an art on its own right.  On 5 November 2022, a Moutai tasting event was held at the Pashmin Art Gallery, to let more art lovers experience the taste of the premium Baijiu during the event of “Adventure in the Wonderland”... read more

Presenting Baijiu Culture at China Night Reception Dinner 2022 

HCG has always been promoting the cultural exchange between Germany and China, one of the most popular events amongst all would be the China Night event... read more

A Big Round of Moutai at the Hamburger China-Gesellschaft Mid-Autumn Festival 

Like all cultures, festive celebration is a major part of the Chinese culture, and baijiu is a staple to any festive or celebration events.  The 15th day of the eighth month on the Chinese lunar more

Moutai stirs up the spirits in SZENE HAMBURG GENUSS-MICHEL 2022 

It is our pleasure to sponsor Genuss Michel 2022, which paid tribute to Hamburg's best restaurants and to celebrate the 35th edition of Szene Hamburg Genuss-Guides... read more

 Sponsorship of The Forth Global Chinese Recitation Contest 2021

It has been our honor to sponsor The 4th Global Chinese Recitation Contest held in Germany.  After a month of fierce competition, the contest ended... read more

China Night 2019

Moutai Interview at Hamburg 1 2019 (Behind The Scene)

China Night 2018

Qing Dao Night 2018

China Night 2017

XU Hongfeis "Chubby Women" Hamburg 2017

"Overseas Chinese Association" Welcome Chinese Delegation 2017

China Night 2016

 China Tour Promoting Event - Travelling in China through the Ages 2016

China Night 2015

China Night 2014