A Path of Discovery to Moutai at Weinquelle Lühmann 

In order to allow more guests to discover the magic of Moutai, another tasting was deviced on 17 May. As visitors stepped through the door of Weinquelle Lühmann, a specialist store and online shop for fine wines, spirits, and whisky, they were instantly enticed by the mythical veil of Moutai.  Further as they proceeded to our artfully decorated oak barrel by the entrance, the delicate aroma of Moutai enveloped them, piquing their curiosity. 


For an explorative venture, Moutai Chun was an excellent starting point. Enriched by ginger beer and lime juice into a cocktail, it redefined a new level of complexion in taste and refreshment, that allows people to fall in love with this mystic drink from the East. For the veteran of wines who appreciates the purity of tasting, Moutai Flyng Fair and Moutai Prince were sure to impress. Visitors enjoyably expressed after tasting, “Ah so!” says it all, pureness yet fierceness would be penetratingly featured as their exquisiteness. “Spitze!” How could we let any joyous moment slip?


Weinquelle Lühmann  

A: Lübecker Str. 145, 22087 Hamburg, Germany  

T: +49 40 300672950