Award Recognition

Kweichow Moutai

  • In 1985, won the“ Golden Laurel Leaf Award” of Golden Laurel Leaf Award
  • In 1986, won the Gold Medal of the 12th International Food Expo in Paris, France, and the "Asia Star” Packaging Award, Hong Kong
  • 1989, National Fine Liquor of the Fifth China Liquor-tasting Fair
  • 1992, Gold Award of First US International Liquor Competition
  • In 1994, won the gold medal of the Fifth Asia-Pacific International Trade Fair
  • In 2015, listed in the "Chinese Geographical Indication Products Dictionary
  • Top on the Global Spirits Brand Value List for the 6th consecutive year in 2022

Moutai Family series

  • 2000, Moutai Prince was awarded the Famous Brand of China’s New
  • In 2019, at the FIWA (French International Wine Award), Moutai (Old Orchard - Full) Dry Red Wine / 2017 won the Gold Award, and Moutai Dry Red Wine (Moutai Reserve Coded Lock Dry Red Wine) / 2017 won the Silver Award.
  • In 2020, Yumi Blueberry Brewing Series won the“ Green Drinks Award”.
  • In 2022, Kweichow Moutai Gui Zhou Da Qu Jiu (the Year of the Tiger) won“ Green Drinks Award”
  • 2022, Yumi Blueberry Brewing Series won the Gold Medal at the first CFWA China Fruit Wine Challenge Grand Prix.
  • In 2023, Moutai Wine Phoenix Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (R5) won the Grand Gold Medal for a single wine at the FIWA French International Wine and Spirits Competition, and the Moutai Old Tree S35 Dry Red Wine won the Gold Medal in the dry red category
  • In 2023, Moutai Chun series won the Golden Cup Award of China Wine Industry Marketing
  • In 2023, Moutai 1935 won the highest honor of the Design unit of 2023 US Muse International Creative Award, the Platinum Award