Moutai Flying Fairy (Feitian)


Moutai Flying Fairy is made on the base of quality sorghum, organic wheat and water. From material feeding, each bottle of Moutai is steam for nine times, fermented for eight times, and distilled seven times so that the spirit is as pure as possible. After being produced, the liquor is classified and stored, blended and preserved in cellars, and finally packaged to enter the market. The entire production process takes five years. This long aging period makes every drop of Moutai more fragrant, softer and more delicate.


The taste of Kweichow Moutai is no way comparable to any European spirits. Multifaceted in taste, Moutai offers perfect harmony with a host of various delicate flavours. Moutai's sauce fragrance is a complex aroma formed in natural fermentation. It can be said that the aromatic components of this sauce fragrance are the most complicated in the world's alcoholic beverages, and remain a mystery today. When drinking Moutai, from light to deep smell, you can smell the aromas of flower, grass, fruit, sweetness and dried plant. It is these substances with different aroma characteristics that form Moutai's complicated aroma characteristics.


To taste Moutai is to taste China. A cup of mellow and aromatic Moutai might lead you to experience the long and proud Chinese history, and feel the splendid chapters of the contemporary China. The vivid expression, vigorous emotion, and multilayered aftertastes of this wonderful liquid will be blended with your wonderful and colourful life.

More Informations

Alcohol Content:

53% Vol.

Volume per Bottle:


Inspect the Colour:

A clear liquor with a slightly yellow true and a clear 'luster', as the age increases, the colour of aged Moutai will be gradually deepened to light golden, with a clear luster.

Smell the Aroma:

Moutai has rich layers of aromas. The smelling process is divided into three steps: top notes, subtle after notes, and empty cup fragrance.

Savour the Taste and Aftertaste:

Take a sip of Moutai. The amount should be just enough to fully coat the tip and blade of your tongue. Feel the clear layers of bouquet. Then, swallow the liquor slowly and feel the silky smoothness and mellowness. This is the process of savouring taste. Naturally close your mouth and use your nose to exhale gently. Comprehensively experience the complex aroma of mixed aromas and feel the profoundness of Moutai. This is the process of savouring the aftertaste.

Comprehensively feel the Superior Style:

Colourless or slightly yellow and transparent, without suspended substance or precipitation, prominent Jiang fragrance, elegant, delicate, mellow, long aftertaste, and tasting empty-cup fragrance.

Best Food Pairing with Moutai:

Chinese cuisine, also Korean grill, Japanese sashimi, and caviar.


Double Gold Medal Winner of the 2014 World Spirit Competition;

Gold Award in 1915 American “Panama World's Fair”; and more